What You Should Know About Losing Weight Using A Trampoline

Exercising with a trampoline offers you an energetic and fun way of shedding that excess weight in the minimum time possible. Due to the enjoyable nature of the physical activities involved, you can improve your mental health by becoming happier, livelier, and more confident about yourself.

Just like most physical activities, when done consistently, exercising on a trampoline improves your cardiovascular health. More importantly, you can increase your bone density since the activities require you to work against gravity, allowing your bones to grow stronger and denser. All these benefits come with exercising on a trampoline, helping you stay fit and thus lead a healthier lifestyle.

How to choose a trampoline that best suits your needs

When buying a trampoline for weight loss, the different types may confuse you, especially if you don’t have a lot of expert knowledge. That’s why we have compiled the following easy to understand summaries for you.


Mini Trampolines

If you want a trampoline that can help you exercise in a confined area such as your house, then a mini trampoline (also known as a rebounder) should be your best choice. Since most mini trampolines are easy to set up and take apart, they are a very good choice for people who want to move their equipment from one place to another.

They vary in size, normally between 36 to 49 inches in diameter, and are generally about a foot high off the floor. When purchasing this kind of a trampoline, consider the size of the jumping space, weight capacity of the equipment, as well as your personal preferences. Note that a mini trampoline can be used by only one person at a time.


Children’s Trampolines

If you have some children with weight issues, or you just want your kids to stay fit as they have fun, you can buy them a trampoline that is specially designed for children. Children‘s trampolines are commonly referred to as bounce houses and are usually inflatable for easy storage and transportation.

For safety purposes, you can choose one that is fitted with a ladder, has a mesh enclosure and is sized for children. Most people buy these trampolines to be used at home by their children, but they also come in handy if you have a daycare center or a school.


Full-Sized Trampoline

These trampolines offer a large jumping area for enhanced flexibility and movement. A full-sized trampoline can suit you if you want to vary your exercises effectively, and if you have a large enough area in which to set it up. They range between 8 and 16 feet in diameter and are usually suspended from the ground by about 3-4 feet. When buying one, ensure that it has enclosures which surround your jumping surface so that you don’t bounce off the edge when exercising.


Water Trampolines

If you are spending some time near the water during summer and you want to continue exercising and having fun, then a water trampoline can be a great choice. Some even come with slides to allow you to splash into the water. All you need to do is to station it in a deep area that is safe to jump into. For your home use, there are small ones that are designed for swimming pools.

Now let’s move on to talk about different types of trampoline workouts.

Basic trampoline routine

To strengthen your leg muscles and cut down on calories, you can perform the straight jump, pike jump and the tuck jump. The straight jump goes as follows.With your feet apart from each other by around 6 inches and standing upright on your trampoline, bend your knees slightly, and bounce up, then down. Remember to keep your hands to your side and your feet the same distance apart as you come down.

For the pike jump, stand in the middle of your equipment with your arms to the sides, and jump up while pointing your legs out and equidistant to your equipment. Try to reach your toes and release as you come down.

The tuck jump requires you to jump up and down, pulling your knees straight to your chest as you jump up and landing in the same position as when you started. You can repeat 30 times for each routine.



While standing with your legs together on your rebounder, jump and spread your feet a few inches wider than the width of your shoulders. Bend your knees and thighs keeping them equidistant to your trampoline and your arms straight out as you come down. You should land on the trampoline as if you are going to sit on a chair. Repeat the process about 15-20 times.



Start by standing in the middle of your equipment with your legs a few inches apart. Put both your hands on your waist and bend your knees a little, and jump on your feet, raising your knees one at a time up to your hip level. Repeat 30 times with each leg.


Trampoline dance

Once you get used to the simple routines, you can introduce some vertical elevation dance moves. The dances also involve jumping up and down, only that now you include a simple body twist, a powerful kick, a handshake or a hug to your knees during the time you hover motionless in the air. The point here is to choose a dance move that allows you to land in your original position and at the same time help you emphasize the muscles you want to work on.


How Much Should You Exercise on Your Trampoline?

As a general recommendation, doing a routine for 30 minutes daily is a good amount. However, exercising can get boring and tedious, and thus the need for something to motivate you. Listening to radio, TV or music is an excellent way to stay motivated. Playing different types of games or exercising along with family or friends can also help you reduce boredom and make sure you stick to the discipline.


When you’re just starting out, don’t pay so much attention to the amount of time that you exercise. Just make sure you do it consistently, ideally on a daily basis. That should help you to establish a strong habit pattern. And as you develop a pattern, the practices get easier, and you can now comfortably make the practices longer in duration.



In this article, we’ve described different types of trampolines, the kinds of routines you can use to help improve your health and fitness and ideas for getting the most out of your workouts and how to make sure you stick to it.




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