Rectangle Trampoline-Better than Round?

Most of the trampolines on the market today are pretty standard in many ways. They are basically a circle. You might not even have given this a second thought. But maybe you should! After all, there are other possibilities. Welcome to the world of the rectangle trampoline. So just what advantages could ‘going rectangle’ have for you? Let’s take a look.

If you are a first time trampoline buyer, you are probably looking at a laundry list of different things when making your choice. Hopefully safety is right there at the top, but size, storage materials and extras might while be pushing for space in your decision too. Not easy, is it?

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Shape seems like a pretty unimportant consideration then. But is it? Actually, it might while be more important than you think. One of the key reasons for this is weight limit. You always want to have quite a big margin for error when selecting your weight limit. There is, of course, a big safety factor built in, but it just makes sense to me to give yourself a fair bit of breathing space.

A rectangle trampoline provides this. At an equivalent size, it can offer a weight limit that is actually fifty percent higher! for example, a ten foot round model will usually have a limit somewhere in the region of 250lbs. This seems pretty comfortable, but it isn’t really miles over a heavy teen or even an adult.An equivalent rectangle trampoline of competition quality is usually rated somewhere in the region of 400 pounds! This is similar to a 16ft round model.

Of course, you might think that a rectangle is only for gymnasts of those looking to perform acrobatics. After all, this is what we see on TV, right? It is what is used in the Olympics when we watch those amazing athletes doing double or triple somersaults and reaching ridiculous heights. Not quite what you had in mind for your garden, is it?

Not so fast. Firstly, your child might actually find that this sort of trampolining is what he or she is interested in. You don’t need the full Olympic version, but a smaller one could be perfect for both fun and games as well as something a bit more serious. A trampoline is an investment and it would be a shame to have to change because it just doesn’t do the job.

A round trampoline simply can’t adsorb the forces that are involved when you are looking to do something a little more technical than dunking that basketball! It also won’t actually allow the jumper to get high enough to perform any gymnastic moves safely.

Of course, using a rectangle trampoline requires more skill. A round trampoline is designed to send the jumper back towards the center all the time. This isn’t the case with a rectangle. The jumper can use different parts of the surface to go higher or lower and give themselves more space for doing tricks. This makes it far more interesting for the accomplished user, but not quite as forgiving or reassuring for someone who is just looking to bounce around in the back yard. This is also why rectangular models tend to be very heavily padded. If you are coming down off-center from any height, you want to have some protection!

This is also important when you consider size. You can actually go smaller when you go round. If you go rectangular, make sure you choose something big enough. 14 feet is about right to really start to enjoy things.

Of course, the two options also tend to come in at a different price point. This isn’t very surprising when you think about it. A basic circular model is going to be cheaper to produce, simply because the frame isn’t going to need as much support. This means that the frame can be made slightly less sturdy. It is also why it is far easier to find a huge range of models, brands and prices.

A rectangular trampoline for home use won’t be quite as easy to find. There are some great models out there that offer a quality option, but you will pay more unless you know what you are looking for.

As always on, the bottom line for us is safety. Those gymnasts on TV are incredible, but they got there through years of training in a safe environment. Telling you to go out and get this type of trampoline if you are a beginner looking to have fun would be completely irresponsible. Whichever model you get, we believe in safety first.

You can certainly make your rectangular model safe though. Make sure that you get a safety net. Don’t just put up some lightweight mesh and hope for the best. Get the correct net for your model and make sure that it is securely installed. If you do this, you (and your kids) are set for hours of jumping fun, whatever the shape.

So just what rectangle trampoline should be looking at? Actually, there are some excellent options out there that won’t break the bank. Here is our top choice.

Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure with Green Spring Pad, 8 X 14-Feet

Skywalker makes really good trampolines as you have doubtless seen in our other reviews. For me, they tick the right boxes. They make an affordable product that lasts well, is easy to install and includes the right safety features. This 8 by 14 ft rectangle trampoline is absolutely no exception. It is great for fun and games but will also let your kids get a taste of what real trampolining is all about without taking risks.

Te frame is sturdy galvanized steel and the extra thick green pad that covers the edges will keep kids (and adults!) safe in case of a slightly off-center jump or fall. The net enclosure is solid and reassuring, meaning it won’t collapse if the jumper leans or falls against it.

With Skywalker, it really is the little details that count though. For example, the springs are all outside the mesh and little fingers aren’t going to get caught in the 84 rust-resistant springs that keep the jumping surface in place.

Assembly of any trampoline is never quite as easy as the manufacturer would have you believe, but really isn’t too bad here. The poles fit easily enough into the galvanized sockets and feel solidly in place without wobbling. In all honesty, I would be a little concerned by anything that seems to easy to mount. I would be wondering just have sturdy it really is!

The bouncing surface is high-quality. This doesn’t feel like a toy at all. This is perfect for gymnasts or anyone who is going to take their trampolining more seriously, but actually makes it more fun even when all you want to do is play. You get a nice, even bounce from one end to the other, without any ‘dead spots’ which you can sometimes find, especially at lower price points.

As always, Skywalker is going to give you a pretty much unbeatable bang for your buck in terms of value, especially when you consider the materials used, the amount of experience and expertise that has gone into making this model and also the legendary customer service! As a trampoline owner, you will inevitably call up the manufacturer at some point, whether it is for a replacement part or because you can’t find the instructions when you want to put it together after a winter stored away!

There is also a slightly larger 8 by 15 version which is basically the same model, offering a slightly higher weight limit.

Getting a rectangle trampoline does have some definite advantages. It will be good for more than just playing and will let your kids discover one of the most enjoyable sports around. Who knows, maybe the next stop for them might be the Olympics?



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