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Little Tikes is a globally renowned US-based multinational company that specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative kids’ toys and creative kids’ furniture. The main manufacturing facility is in Hudson Ohio while other manufacturing plants are in Asia and Europe. Some of the main products that Little Tike manufactures and markets include riding toys, kids’ climbers, trampolines, kids playhouses, sandboxes, activity gyms, role play toys and play trucks among many more. This company has been in operation since 1970 and has established a reputation as a manufacturer and marketer that deals in state-of –the-art quality products that are imaginative and observe excellent quality standards. Little Tikes products can cater for all kids ranging from infants to grown adolescent kids.

The impressive quality products produced by Little Tikes secured a place for this company as part of the MGA Entertainment Group in 2006. MGA is revolutionary pacesetter in the family entertainment industry. Little Tikes invests huge amounts of money into product development and enhancement through extensive research and technologically advanced testing techniques. Emphasis is laid on manufacturing fun and interesting products that can aid in the proper development of children. Little Tikes manufactures and markets a wide variety of products to suit the specific needs and particular preferences of every prospective consumer.

Little Tikes Trampolines

A trampoline is a great way to infuse some fun into your kids’ life. Apart from providing an avenue where kids can channel their excess energy, trampolines ensure that your children stay active indoors even in bad weather. Little Tikes trampolines are arguably among the best in the market today because they have special enhanced features that other trampoline brands in the market lack. Some of the features that are unique here  and will make them a great choice for your kids include; thick plastic feet stands and a specially padded bar and plastic. Additionally these trampolines are reasonably priced as compared to other brands available in the current market. Before purchasing one of these, a prospective buyer should consider the following factors:

  1. Consider if you want an outdoor trampoline or an indoor trampoline or one that can function both indoor and outdoor. This is extremely crucial because some Little Tikes trampoline models are specifically designed either for outdoor or indoor use. This is because the features vary depending on what the outdoor environment requires and what suits the indoor surrounding.
  2. The weight of the trampoline you wish to acquire.

Little Tikes trampolines come in varying weights depending on how many kids you want to play on it and the age or weight of such kids. Basically, a heavily weighted trampoline can support a larger weight hence more kids compared to light-weight trampolines.

  1. The clarity and ease of the assembly instructions

It is advisable to consider the complexity of assembling a specific trampoline. This is because you don’t want to end up with a complicated piece of equipment that you have difficulty using.

  1. Availability of replacement parts in case your trampoline breaks down.

As a prospective buyer, it will benefit you to ascertain whether the trampoline you wish to acquire has replacement parts. Remember that this is a kid’s toy, therefore, very susceptible to consistent breakdown.


  1. The age of your kids

A trampoline for infant kids is different from what you would need for pre-adolescents. Therefore, before acquisition it is imperative to ascertain what kind of trampoline suits the particular age group your kids fall into.

Pros Of Little Tikes Trampolines

Little Tikes trampoline models are the ideal solution for your kids’ excessive energy and will keep them safe and entertained because of the following reasons;

1) Clearly outlined assembly instructions

Little Tikes trampoline models are accompanied by simply written instructions that do not require a professional’s help to execute. These instructions are an easy step by step guideline that will make enable any reasonable person put the trampoline together.

2) Little Tikes trampoline replacement parts are cost effective and readily available

Little Tikes manufactures extra parts to aid in replacement and this caters for consistent breakdown. Additionally, these extra parts are easily accessible and also affordable. With these trampolines your kids don’t have to be too careful and can have as much fun as they desire.

3) High safety standards

These trampolines feature safety enclosures and stable materials that can firmly support users and safety springs to prevent users from injury. The safety of your kids is the biggest factor when buying any toy, therefore this definitely keeps your mind at peace as your kids can have fun without you constantly worrying.



4) Different weight limits

Little Tikes manufactures several models that vary in weight therefore can cater for the specific needs of every prospective buyer. So whether your kids are infants or pre-adolescents Little Tike has got you covered.

5) High quality materials

All the materials used to make these trampolines are state of the art when it comes to ensuring safety and functionality. Good materials translate to durability and safety ensuring that you get your money’s worth.

6) Availability of both outdoor-specific and indoor-specific models

Little Tikes manufactures both outdoor-specific models and indoor-specific models to offer variety to prospective customers. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you can find a trampoline that can is specifically suited for the play-environment you have in mind.

Cons of Little Tikes Trampolines

1) Most models feature plastic stands that are vulnerable to crush if excessive and constant pressure is exerted on them. This can be advantageous to you especially if your trampoline will be regularly used by many children hence is an important factor to consider.

2) They also have a mesh as a landing platform and this can easily wear out and get torn. It is hard to control kids playing all the time, therefore you never know if what they are wearing can tear the mesh or if they intentionally become destructive and rip off the mesh. The mesh material is not child-friendly making this an imperative consideration to keep in mind.

The following section is a detailed review of three  models that you should definitely consider.

Little Tikes 7 feet Kids Trampoline

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This trampoline is bouncy and suited for all kids ranging from toddlers to older kids. Some of its key features include a diameter of 7’4’’ and a jumping area measuring 21.65 square feet which can only hold one child at a time. Additionally, it is only meant for outdoor use and because of its simple design will fit anywhere in your backyard. It also requires assembling.



  • This trampoline is a great choice for an outdoor play toy as it is made from durable materials to ensure it is long lasting despite consistent use.

Quality materials

  • The frame of this trampoline is molded in plastic to reduce friction ensuring that your kids’ hands are safe from injury.

High safety standards

  • The safety springs of the Little Tikes 7 feet Kids Trampoline are heavily padded to protect your kids from injury
  • An impressive feature that makes this trampoline a good option is the shoe storage compartment located underneath the trampoline. This will ensure your children exert less pressure on the trampoline by using the trampoline only when bare feet.

However the Little Tikes 7 feet Kids Trampoline several consumers on Amazon complain that the mesh mat rips off easily when the trampoline is regularly used. This is great option if you are in the market for an outdoor trampoline that is kid-friendly and safe. It has an impressive consumer rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars and most consumers are impressed with its functionality, high performance and safety.

Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer

This inflatable trampoline is specifically tailored for outdoor use only. Some of its key features include an exiting slide and 7-foot padded jumping area that can hold up to three kids. Additional features include a weight limit of 250lbs and a storage bag.


Easy to use

  • The Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer is sold together with utility accessories that make it easy to use such as an efficient heavy duty blower with GFCI plug, 4 blower stakes, 6 bouncer stakes and an adequately stocked repair kit that comes in handy whenever any damage happens to your trampoline.

Manufacturer takes prospective client into consideration

  • Little Tikes acknowledges that a product can malfunction unexpectedly hence offers a 90 day warranty on the inflatable polyester fabric used to make the bouncer. This is an impressive factor if you are looking to buy a trampoline as you are assured that the manufacturer trusts the quality of their product to the extent of giving you a warranty.

Kid friendly protective features

  • The Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer is equipped with an arching shade that protects your children from direct exposure to the sun therefore they can have fun any time of the day.
  • This trampoline has mesh on the sides of the bouncing ground to help safeguard your kids against falling off.

Easy storage

  • The fact that this trampoline is inflatable means it can be easily shrunk and stored without taking up too much of your space.

This is a viable option that can guarantee your kids outdoor fun and it even has a spectacular ranking of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon. Furthermore many Amazon consumer reviews rave of how safe, practical and functional this trampoline is. The only complaint that some consumers have is that the polyester inflatable fabric is easily destructible despite the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Little Tikes 14 Feet Huge Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure


This creatively designed trampoline is specifically tailored to suit one child at a time. It requires assembling before use and has a weight limit of 175lb.

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Safety enhancements

  • This trampoline has a wide jumping surface that is surrounded by meshing on all sides to ensure that your kid remains in place and is not vulnerable to a fall that may injure him/her.
  • Additionally all the metallic components including the frame are heavily padded for extra protection.

This features make the Little Tikes 14 Feet Huge Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure extremely safe therefore can even be a good choice for elementary schools. It has a great review of 4 out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon and most of the consumers are impressed by its performance. However most complain the assembling part is quite complex and time consuming. This is a factor you should consider especially if you are too busy to engage in a taxing and time-consuming assembling process each time your kids want to play on it.

A trampoline a great play toy for your kids as it helps them stay active and have fun. Little Tikes offers a variety of viable options.


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