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Rectangle Trampoline-Better than Round?

Most of the trampolines on the market today are pretty standard in many ways. They are basically a circle. You might not even have given this a second thought. But maybe you should! After all, there are other possibilities. Welcome to the world of the rectangle trampoline. So just what advantages could ‘going rectangle’ have for you? Let’s take a look.

If you are a first time trampoline buyer, you are probably looking at a laundry list of different things when making your choice. Hopefully safety is right there at the top, but size, storage materials and extras might while be pushing for space in your decision too. Not easy, is it?

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Find the Best Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline for You

What is Trampoline Fitness?

There is plenty of workout equipment to choose from and many of them are gimmicky. They promise amazing results without the ability to deliver. There’s even a product that you wrap around your waist and it vibrates which is supposed to give you a six pack as you watch television.

Come on!

Well, a fitness trampoline is not one of those products. It takes actual known workout routines and provides a more effective way to achieve the results.

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Little Tikes Trampolines


Little Tikes is a globally renowned US-based multinational company that specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative kids’ toys and creative kids’ furniture. The main manufacturing facility is in Hudson Ohio while other manufacturing plants are in Asia and Europe. Some of the main products that Little Tike manufactures and markets include riding toys, kids’ climbers, trampolines, kids playhouses, sandboxes, activity gyms, role play toys and play trucks among many more. This company has been in operation since 1970 and has established a reputation as a manufacturer and marketer that deals in state-of –the-art quality products that are imaginative and observe excellent quality standards. Little Tikes products can cater for all kids ranging from infants to grown adolescent kids.

The impressive quality products produced by Little Tikes secured a place for this company as part of the MGA Entertainment Group in 2006. MGA is revolutionary pacesetter in the family entertainment industry. Little Tikes invests huge amounts of money into product development and enhancement through extensive research and technologically advanced testing techniques. Emphasis is laid on manufacturing fun and interesting products that can aid in the proper development of children. Little Tikes manufactures and markets a wide variety of products to suit the specific needs and particular preferences of every prospective consumer.

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Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker is one of the big players in the trampoline market and a brand that you will come across fairly quickly as soon as you start to look at the different options out there. Even though it is actually quite a recent company (2004), I like Skywalker because they believe in basically the same things as me-that is, trampolines should be safe and fun. After all, if you have got these two things right, what else is there?

This manufacturer produces a lot quality options and you can be confident that you aren’t getting something that will fall part in no time. Now you do have a lot of choice here. If you decide to choose one of the Skywalker models, you are looking at tens of different models, from mini trampolines for toddlers, through indoor exercise versions all the way to 16ft square heavy duty outdoor models.

Don’t panic, help is at hand! I have selected a few of what I consider to be the best options from the range and looked at the good (and sometimes bad) points for each. There is something here for everyone and hopefully this will make your choice a lot easier.

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Putting Your Trampoline Away For the Winter

So your kids (and you too, probably) have spent some happy months bouncing away on your trampoline. You may have discovered the joys of getting in shape on there as well as a load of new ideas to keep kids entertained. But the days are getting a little shorter and colder. Sitting inside seems like a better idea than playing outside. So it is time to put your trampoline away for the winter. what do you need to know?

Actually, you might be wondering why you should bother at all. I mean, why not just leave it there in the garden and then deal with stuff in the Spring? This might seem tempting but you really shouldn’t. The number of people who do this and then either have to buy another one come springtime of spend a fortune getting it back into usable shape is huge. Why not just do things right now and then you can start again quickly (and cost free) when the sun comes out again next year?

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Mini Trampoline Fitness

If you are thinking about losing a few pounds or are even a hard-core fitness enthusiast, trampolines are great. However, you might not have either the funds or the space to invest in a larger, outdoor model. So what do you do, Take up (urgh!) jogging? Fear not, what about having a look at a mini trampoline?

The first thing that comes to mind for many people when they think ‘mini’ is one of the toy trampolines that you might buy for a toddler. Whilst these can be great, they clearly aren’t meant for adults and even less for an adult who is intending to use it to work out! Smaller exercise trampolines are what you should be looking at. These are made for indoor use and specifically for fitness. If you pick the right model, you should have absolutely no problems working hard and getting some great results.

So just what can you do with this get in shape? Pretty much anything you want! A couple of things to bear in mind before getting started. The aim here isn’t to bounce as high as possible. If you set this up in your living room (as many people do), think about low ceilings, ceiling fans or furniture that may be nearby. Give yourself plenty of space (at least 6 feet all round.) Your aim is to work hard for an extended period of time, not to smash through the floor or ceiling!

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Twelve Tips to Keep Your Trampoline Safe and Ready for Use

Trampolines have become much safer in recent years. Pads covering springs and frames are standard equipment. Springless trampolines are increasingly common and are much safer alternatives. The use of enclosures is widespread, eliminating many of the falls to the ground that resulted in some of the most serious injuries. With a few simple practices, trampolines can be a safe source of enjoyment and exercise for children, teens, and adults.

Here are our top twelve safety and maintenance tips to help keep your entire family bouncing for many years to come.

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My Family’s Top Ten Trampoline Games

Don’t want to throw a lame birthday party that has the kids running through the house and bouncing off the walls? Trying to avoid spending a fortune for a couple hours of laser tag, skating, or arcade party?

Put a trampoline in your backyard throw an epic party the whole neighborhood will be talking about!

Here are ten of our family’s favorite trampoline games for parties or neighborhood gatherings.

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What You Should Know About Losing Weight Using A Trampoline

Exercising with a trampoline offers you an energetic and fun way of shedding that excess weight in the minimum time possible. Due to the enjoyable nature of the physical activities involved, you can improve your mental health by becoming happier, livelier, and more confident about yourself.

Just like most physical activities, when done consistently, exercising on a trampoline improves your cardiovascular health. More importantly, you can increase your bone density since the activities require you to work against gravity, allowing your bones to grow stronger and denser. All these benefits come with exercising on a trampoline, helping you stay fit and thus lead a healthier lifestyle.

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